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A blug of worrying warts
and sooth-saying

Name: Zara Tak
Age: 20
Location: Austin, TX
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Facebook: Zara.Tak
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Zara Tak



I slowly configure myself from scattered pieces about the floors of this place, and as I limp up these rusted stairs with the last few limbs, I breathe deeply and try to expect the worst. My eyes begin to flutter, only as I try to steady them, and everything I touch seems to grab out at me as if with anxious sweating palms. All the rooms I open doors to, she is in; like a phantom, she wants to only be where I am--we find somewhat comfort in each other. Our eyes always meet, through whatever fate that may be, and every time, she strikes me deep beneath my bosoms, and down into my heart. It's as if I see a tiny body behind her lid, waiting only to gnaw at her from the inside-out, but tragically, I must carry myself further.
I can't stand in one place for too long, the effort in unbearable, like a bruise you don't want to stop pressuring. My bent knees take me to a water room--I thought I'd wet my face, brush my dirty suckling teeth. The paste dulls the bitter remnants of a bite I'd had not a night before, and my bones&skin drip dark water down into the sink. I can feel him moving behind the wall. I can hear murmurs delicately rising to the ceiling and seeping like smoke through the sown seams of this place. The walls tend to bow&wade from left to right, as I find myself spitting tiny pebbles into the wallpaper and leaving ripples where I could see into the next room. HE strikes the ground and my pulse stops. His slow, anxious steps grow to a dark pace, and my heart pounds in unison. The closer his sounds come, the harder my chest throbs, until he stands beside me.
"Dear man, you are the reason I am a subtle puzzle of atoms, and veins, and water. Would I dare be so distracted in my sleep, and yet so alert in such a fragile reality?"
He steadies himself on one hip, and lets his eyes pierce me. He could hear my insides shifting as he spoke gently, "You are the fragile."
My legs broke beneath me, and I only stood as a hook against my back held me from the smoke murmurs. I hung watching the ripples. They dare not speak, but only whisper obscenities. Through the wall, I could see people stuck to platforms, and the cat of nine tails having a secret rotten way with them. I feared that my punishment wouldn't be so bad as he stood beneath me.

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