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A blug of worrying warts
and sooth-saying

Name: Zara Tak
Age: 20
Location: Austin, TX
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Facebook: Zara.Tak
Myspace: Tazarat
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Zara Tak



Your eyes grinned at the thought of me;
I felt them when I passed-
I shied away.
You knew very well I was weak to you-
And you grinned.
When your hair fell against your face,
your image touched my warm skin,
you know I'm weak to you.
Quit playing,
Quit teasing.
I think of your lips,
your experience,
your voice.
I think of your back,
broken down the center,
your blades work it out--
That kink in your soul,
maybe mine too--
That kink in our souls that make us blind but sniffing.
We hear the moan in each others' voice,
our ears are trained to that sound.
We smell the blood on the bandages of our wounds,
and it reeks.
When your hair fell against your face,
my body chilled.
You made me grin,
working your hair out of that little pony tail you keep;
You made me laugh to think of that tiny little body you keep wrapped up in a pony's tail.

posted by Tazarat @ 5:26 PM

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