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A blug of worrying warts
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Name: Zara Tak
Age: 20
Location: Austin, TX
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Zara Tak


About Last Night:

"We were just babies" I said
and your chilled heart warmly agreed.

I thought you'd never warm up,
that you'd always just be stiff with me from now on-
Just like I was stiff with you.

In the heat of it,
we talked about you-
that was actually me-
and we agreed every time.
I blame it on being Libras, I explain.

It's true.
The games we play:
We see them in each other
and revel in our mastery
of vision and of soul.
Soulless we drive undriven:
"I have talents with no drive" you explain,
I know this in myself (How uncanny).
How similar we'll always be,
even after our endless years apart
we grow still as stalks aligned.

Come here,
away from all that trouble you live in.
Come away and turn innocent again,
I miss you.
I have much to miss of you,
your heart is huge
hidden by a dark and frozen cloak to mask its size.
You frighten me.

I used to write your name 200 times
for the sake of rote learning,
now I wouldn't dare to speak it.

You and I are strange stars
that revolve around each other,
passing then igniting
every 200 years.

I feel despair for your image,
but still in love with your voice when you get embarrassed:
When you shrink,
like the baby boy you were when I wrote you those letters.
You'll reread them if you get the chance,
you're so unpredictably predictable.

posted by Tazarat @ 4:46 PM

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