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A blug of worrying warts
and sooth-saying

Name: Zara Tak
Age: 20
Location: Austin, TX
Email: Gmail
Facebook: Zara.Tak
Myspace: Tazarat
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Zara Tak



Sometimes, I get these tangents where cigarette smoke fills up my cavities, and at first, it was really painful and it tasted excruciatingly bitter, but now, it's just like the smell of butter&toast--refreshing and almost sweet. It's like a little piece of every person I know is ground into powder and blown out into the air, where I just so happen to breathe in. My chest gently warms in the center, spreading slowly into my cheeks and down to my fingers and stomach. Something like when you're waving goodbye to someone you really wish you didn't have to leave.

posted by Tazarat @ 5:16 PM

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