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A blug of worrying warts
and sooth-saying

Name: Zara Tak
Age: 20
Location: Austin, TX
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Zara Tak


Similar to a vice
I feel pressed upon,
fatty at the sides (under my chicken wing)
Time here creeps
with tension under long fingernails
around a corner.
There is tension in the heart of the fowl
thats why the Stuffin' was in a dish.

And they showed up without their mom,
almost as heartbroken as ours
over a fucking dog.
At the table,
in a square dish
a heaping plate of delusion
plopped itself in my place
and a dabble of dribble landed on everyone's nose
but mine and mine own

And yes,
thanks what I'm thankful for.
A right mind,
often misplaced
but right,
and that keeling pressure that keeps me beat down,
the promise of outbursts in nonsensical reprimands,
the Angst--
oh the adult Angst--
built up over roughly 40 years
to one day send an implosion to our homestead,
then the debris clear over Mt St. Helen.
What a feat!
Forgive me here for finding the
constant oppression,
illusionary misfortune and
obstinate dysfunction
a matter to be seen under comic light.
Forgive me now for taking humor.
Where pity belongs,
but here I am thankful for
the will my mother gave me
to undo the tightened vice
and laugh at those left helpless
by it's pressure

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